why buy vs rent

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Buy Or Rent: Why It Could Be Better To Buy In 2017. Erik J. Martin The mortgage reports contributor.. folks on the buy vs. rent fence now have fresh facts that can help answer this question.

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The debt snowball vs avalanche: Should you focus on debts with the highest interest rates or pay off the smallest debts first?

what do you need to refinance Mortgage refinancing is all the rage when interest rates drop. Rates don’t have to drop very far, either, before scores of homeowners decide that refinancing their mortgages makes sense.But it doesn’t always make financial sense to refinance.Sometimes, mortgage refinancing is the worst thing you can do.

It’s called the Beracha, Hardin & Johnson Buy vs. Rent (BH&J) Index. In 19 of the 23 markets it tracks, it now shows “slight to significant” drops in demand from consumers interested in purchasing.

"Buy vs. Rent" Postcard. Looking for more buyers? Try sending this 4" x 6" postcard to rentals in your area. It lists financial and practical advantages of owning a home compared to renting. real estate postcard prices . Getting started. All you need to create this postcard is a personal photo.

there are more people treading carefully and choosing to delay the home buying process in favor of renting. While there are benefits to both renting and buying, the latter has the potential to give.

questions for mortgage lender Frequently Asked Mortgage Questions – North American. – Are you confused about the mortgage process? You will find the answers to several frequently asked mortgage questions below.

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The rent vs buy question for me has always come down to what you can afford vs what you really want from where you live. Whether you want to save money through renting, or do you really need that front and backyard on land that you own.

This latest edition of Rent vs. Buy considers these Millennial factors. Trulia also assumed a 3.85% mortgage rate on a 30-year fixed-rate loan, itemized federal tax deductions and a 25% tax bracket.