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Taking Over a Mortgage Payment for My Mother.. life-and-style section of the "Daily Herald," a contributor to "Utah Valley Weekly," an editor for a small publishing house and now as director of communications for an Internet company. Radford has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Brigham.

My mother recently died in unexpected circumstances. She had a mortgage for her house that was in her name alone. Does the mortgage company now have the right to demand the mortgage payments? We.

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I have calculated it over and over again, and we could pay off our. debt to my advantage, such as with taking advantage of historically low.

How do we legally buy my parents house and just take over the ramaning payments? My mom and dad have just purchased a new house just down the road from where they live. The house is much larger for them and suits them a lot better than their current house.

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What Can Creditors Do If You Don’t Pay?. if the debt is more than your equity in the house, at least pay the lender that amount so that it no longer has a reason to foreclose.. the creditor must first locate it and then get a court order and pay the sheriff to take it.

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My dad has occasionally talked about death and has started preparing me to take over his personal business. her pain or get help taking care of the house. It may also help to offer her the.

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A family member needs to move out of their house (i.e. job change, care facility, assisted living) and is willing to allow their children or grandchildren to take over the payments but they remain on the deed and the mortgage.