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Real estate sale to family member carries tax surprise. JOIN SELECT. I own two properties and would like to sell my current residence to my daughter and her husband, and move into the other.

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Selling a property during a. Divorce Whether you are looking to buy or sell, recognizing the signs of how a market may be. To help, five members of Forbes Real Estate Council share some of the telltale signs they look for that a local.

Choose the right real estate agent. While it’s often tempting to choose a real estate agent based on who you know, enlisting the services of friends or family members to coordinate the sale of an inherited home is probably not the best idea.

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Family Property Transfer: Gifting Real Estate SITUATION. You give a piece of real estate property directly to your child or grandchild. TAX CONSEQUENCE. If you give a plot of land to your child or grandchild, it’s considered a gift in the eyes of the IRS. Gifts of real estate to your child are not tax deductible.

Estate-tax-wise, the sale removes from your taxable estate any future appreciation in the value of the home. A few years after the sale, your child may be able to refinance and pay off the note.

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How to Sell Inheritance Property With Siblings. If part of that inheritance is the family home or other real estate, the best way to divide the asset is to sell it and split up the cash. But selling inheritance property presents special logistical, practical and emotional challenges. Having a plan and enlisting professional help will allow the best outcome for everyone involved.

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Our real estate ELPs know what it takes to buy or sell a home in their area, and they make it a point to understand the financial journey each of their clients are on. With their knowledge of your local market, you can trust their advice on everything from pricing to negotiations .

Benefitting from Intrafamily Sales When structured correctly, intrafamily sales may help you reduce gift and estate tax obligations while you pass valuable assets to your heirs. There are a wide variety of methods you can employ when structuring an intrafamily sale, with potential short- and long-term benefits for you and your heirs.