New Construction Appraisal Guidelines

Appraisals for New & Proposed Residential Construction – Helpful Hints for a Timely Appraisal. Posted October 19th, 2017 Filed under blog. valuation management Group strives to keep its partners informed about best appraisal practices. An often discussed topic is that of residential turn times.

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The appraisal must include an explanation of why the particular comparables were selected. Use of Foreclosures and Short Sales It is acceptable to use foreclosures and short sales as comparables if the appraiser believes they are the best and most appropriate sales available.

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Chapter 9 – Legal Instruments, Liens, Escrows and Related Issues (NEW) Chapter 10 – Property Eligibility and Appraisal Requests; Chapter 10 – Appraisal Process(NEW) Chapter 11 – Appraiser Requirements; Chapter 11 – Appraisal Report(NEW) Chapter 12 – Minimum Property Requirements; Chapter 12 – Minimum Property Requirements(NEW) Chapter 13.

Mortgagee Requirements to the Appraiser for New Construction. 8 Before ordering the appraisal, the mortgagee must provide a fully executed form HUD-92541, 9 Builder’s Certification of Plans, Specifications, and Site, dated no more than 30 Days prior to the. 10 date of the appraisal order.

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Newly constructed homes in a subdivision must not only be compared against similar homes in the immediate vicinity, but homes in the same subdivision itself. Fannie Mae’s guidelines explicitly state that one comp must be selected from within the new subdivision and one outside it.

In some instances, home appraisals can come in low.. Hackett, operations manager of Equity Now, a New York-based direct mortgage lender.

"When New Construction is less than 90% complete at the time of the appraisal, the Appraiser must document the floor plan, plot plan, and exhibits necessary to determine the size and level of finish.

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If the second Mortgagee finds deficiencies in the appraisal, the Mortgagee must order a new appraisal. Where a Mortgagee uses an existing appraisal for a different Borrower, the Mortgagee must enter the new Borrowers information in FHAC. The Mortgagee must collect an appraisal fee from the new Borrower and refund the fee to the original Borrower."

VA Pamphlet 26-7, Revised Table of Contents i Table of Contents Chapter 1-The Lender Overview. 1-1