Navy Administrative Separation Benefits Chart

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Military discharge in the United States – – Military discharge in the United States Discharge or separation should not be confused with retirement; career U.S. military members who retire are not separated or discharged; rather, they enter the retired reserve and may be subject to recall to active duty.

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Military Re-Enlistment Code Chart – Navy Cyberspace – Military Re-Code Navy Reenlistment Eligibility Chart For reenlistment eligibility into the Navy only. For example, a discharge code from the Army of RE-2C would be eligible w/o a waiver; whereas an RE-2C from the Air Force would not be eligible for waiver consideration whatsoever.

PDF Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations – Active Duty Enlisted Administrative Separations This mandated revision, dated 19 December 2016– o Implements Army Directive 2016-35, Army Policy on Military Service of Transgender Soldiers (formerly paras 5- 17a(8) and 5-17a(9)).

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Benefits at Separation Chart | Stateside Legal – Benefits at Separation Chart Many benefits are available to veterans upon separation from the military. However, some benefits may not be available if a veteran has received "bad paper.". "Bad paper" is a discharge status that is an other than honorable discharge, a bad conduct discharge, or a dishonorable discharge.

PDF ELIGIBILITY FOR BENEFITS CHART – – enlisted administrative separations 9-27 eligibility for benefits chart this chart shows the eligibility for benefits based on the type of discharge a member is awarded. it does not indicate any other criteria that may also be required for an individual to be eligible for the benefits indicated.69 dd — dishonorable discharge

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Administrative Separation – United States Navy – Reserve Enlisted Administrative Separations PURPOSE: promote the readiness of the Navy by providing an orderly means to: – Evaluate the suitability of persons to serve in the Armed Forces based on their ability to meet required performance, conduct, and disciplinary standards;

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