What Are Funding Fees

The funding fee pays for administrative costs of the VA Home Loan Guaranty program, and it also covers the costs of loans that go into default. The funding fee is the way that the VA loan program continues to exist even though some people don’t end up paying back their loans.

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The funding fee can range from 0.5 percent with an IRRRL or Streamline loan to 3.3 percent with the Cash-Out refinance program. For example, if you are refinancing and your first VA Mortgage was for a manufactured home that was not attached to a foundation, your standard or Cash-Out funding fee is only 1 percent of the financed amount.

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funding fee (1) A fee charged to the borrower by the Veterans Administration for guaranteeing a loan. (2) A fee charged by lenders as additional profit,and which may be negotiated downward.

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Some avoidable funding fee charges would be difficult for VA to prevent. For example, when lenders incorrectly collect funding fees despite having information showing veterans are exempt. However, in such cases, VA should be able to detect inappropriate charges and issue refunds.

FHA funding fee and MIP explanation The FHA home loan program was established under Franklin D. Roosevelt’s National Housing Act on June 27, 1934 in response to the great depression. Prior to the creation of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), banks required a down payment of 30% to 50%, or more!

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