Can You Join The Military With A Disability

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To the obvious morons who replied that you have to have a learning disability to join the military they need to read the report on the link (that is, if they can comprehend it). The US military is.

We can put you in touch with recruiters from the different military branches. learn about the benefits of serving your country, paying for school, military career paths, and more: sign up now and.

Having had an IEP doesn’t disqualify a person from joining the military. The "less clear" area is whether they’ll accept a person who takes certain medications, such as those for ADHD. To be safe, I believe they need to have been "off" them for a year.

Depends how severe and what history you have, i would guess if you pass the psych Doctor in MEPS when you process,you would be able to join, but if you have an existing condition,and it would.

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Can you join the military with flat feet?. Flexible flat feet – usually occurs during childhood, without symptoms, and does not cause disability. The arch can be observed on the foot when raised from the ground in non-weight bearing instances. When weight is applied, this is the only time.

2014-07-26  · Asperger’s & Autism Forum.. I think you should just go for it! You can never. I am concerned that if you join the military you will in constant contact with.

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) – Being part of a military color guard. "When she finally asked me could she join the team, I said.

Having been an avid go-karter since the age of seven, he’s won two races since joining Team. of brand authenticity can.

GALVESTON, Texas – Being part of a military color guard. she finally asked me could she join the team, I said yes, and.

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When you have a craniofacial disability, it can be hard to meet. While Thane is military trained, those born with craniofacial disabilities are not eligible to join the armed forces. Many of us.

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NEW DELHI: The Army came under severe criticism. saying unscrupulous personnel had gained from the disability benefits provided by the government to soldiers. Maj. Gen.(retd) S S Chohan tweeted.